A solid industrial reality Love in details Accuracy and efficiency Certified products Surface treatments and coating
A solid industrial reality
for generations
Love in details
for a quality product
Accuracy and efficiency
looking to the future
Certified products
and quality
Surface treatments and coating
for any need

Advantages of chain


The main advantages of chain:

  • No sliding between the chain and the gear teeth


  • Negligible settlement which permits the chain to convey heavy loads


  • Long working life is expected owing to contact between deflection and friction between the support -surfaces, treated and separated by a layer of grease.

Great experience


Plates, Bushes, Pins And Rollers Are The Main Components Of The Chain.



Demands of a more selective market impose a "strong" quality evolution, the precision of the parts, the reduced tolerances and the more difficult conditions for use request a continuous evolution of machinery, workers and ideas.


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Man always determined history with his choices and actions

The " EUROCATENE s.a.s. " specialized in heavy conveying chains was founded in 1974 and in 1978 the "ROSA GIUSEPPE" became "ROSA CATENE SPA" . Since 1995 the two companies were concentrated into one, "ROSA CATENE SPA". It’s regarding avanguard structure, solidly managed by the ROSA family.


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"Rating 1" Cribis / Dun & bradstreet

Certificate "Rating 1" issued by Cribis / Dun & Bradstreet on Rosa Catene certifying our financial strength.


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